In 2024 I'm moving to Liège!

Good resolution number 1 for 2024, I'm switching to cork for more reasoned consumption, and a material with multiple advantages!

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A fervent defender of nature, we are embarked on an adventure which directly involves it, by exploiting one of the most used materials since the dawn of time, cork.

France and Europe are full of resources and know-how, which must not be let slip away, it is for this reason that we created the Oak Forest Brand, which for non-English speakers, means forest of oaks, generous tree producing cork.

Discover through our site a selection of jewelry and cork items that are unique, original and trendy.

Welcome to our world, inspired by nature and which respects it.


How to clean your cork bag?

You will be surprised by the quality of our products

A material that has all the virtues of leather without the drawbacks. Easy to clean, a simple damp cloth with neutral soap will allow you to clean your bag easily and quickly.

No need to waterproof or nourish it unlike animal leather, let the material live which will develop a patina over time to give it even more character.

Come and discover the magic of cork, you risk falling in love with it very quickly.

Our very first show

veggieworld oct-2019

We were present at the Veggieworld show in Paris on the weekend of October 12 & 13, 2019, which is a Vegan show during which we introduced you to the wide range of our products.

What a magnificent experience shared with a welcome from visitors that was just exceptional.

Thank you all for your enthusiasm for our products, which are an alternative that respects the environment and animals, while being original and of very good quality. Our approach is cruelty free, because nature has so many beautiful things that can be used without causing animals to suffer, it is simply a matter of changing mentalities and habits.

See you soon :-)

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Continuation of our Parisian adventures

Salon Vivez Nature January 24 to 27, 2020

We were present at the Salon Vivez Nature at the Grande Halle de La Villette in PARIS. A magnificent place during which we were able to meet many wonderful people.

Thank you for all your compliments and your good humor. See you soon.


Finally we find you!

Strasbourg European Fair

We missed you, the European fair in Strasbourg warmed our hearts when we see your welcome after all this time. This virus has deprived us of an essential right, that of going out and especially that of the social bond which is essential to us.

See you next year?

Thank you in any case for your support during this event and we will see you soon!

An unexpected visit


Thank you for your support during this event which was held from 09/25 to 10/05/2020 at the Metz Métropole Exhibition Center.

Lots of kindness and a BIG thank you for the multitude of compliments on our stand and our products! So we say see you very soon!

Thanks also to Clémence Botino, Miss France 2020 and Diane Febvay, Miss Lorraine 2020 for stopping by our stand and succumbing to the charm of cork ;-)



A new date during which we were able to find you. This magnificent show was held from October 16 to 19, 2020 at the Colmar exhibition center.

Many of you come to discover our world that is soft, natural and colorful.

You gave us a very warm welcome, which makes us gladly say see you next year for our greatest pleasure!

See you soon.

all united against covid-19

SACRé Christmas in Haguenau

A Christmas punctuated by a virus which has continued to want to deprive us of a celebration that young and old alike look forward to.

Thanks to the mayor of Haguenau, the Christmas spirit was partly preserved in the city center this year 2020.

We were delighted to present to you our selection of gift ideas which we hope will allow you to please those around you with quality cork items full of colors. Naturally all your purchases were not there just to be offered, because cork appealed to more than one person. :-)

We hope to see you again next year with a Christmas market where the scent of mulled wine may be back!

Cork facing water

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