Cork bag is not afraid of water - How to clean a cork bag

Cork is a material that never ceases to surprise.

We all know its insulating qualities, but that's not the only one.

  • Light,
  • Ultra resistant,
  • A velvet touch
  • Easy to clean
  • It has absolutely no fear of water because the material is already impermeable in its raw state.

This is why a cork bag will in no case get stained if you take it out in rainy weather, for example. The water will slide on your bag, it will bead up without leaving any traces.

The question keeps coming up: How to clean a cork bag?

To clean it you will simply use a damp, non-abrasive cloth and soapy water. You will naturally need to use a neutral soap, such as Marseille soap for example.

It is a natural material, so avoid using chemicals on it. You don't need to waterproof it either. Cork is a naturally waterproof material.

This vegetable leather does not require the cutting of trees, since we only use the bark of the cork oak. This bark regenerates naturally every 9 years in sustainably managed cork oak forests in Portugal. It does not inflict unnecessary animal suffering, it is therefore “cruelty free”, and it grows naturally in cork groves, which are precisely these cork oak forests exploited solely for the production of cork. Their operation is managed in an eco-responsible and sustainable manner.

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