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Who doesn’t know Vinted?

Still unknown to the general public a few years ago, the second-hand giant was able to establish itself on the French market following massive advertising, particularly on television but above all a revolution in the way items were sold. second hand, since it is the buyer who will pay the sales commissions, which is a great novelty.

We no longer have to praise Vinted, as this platform has become part of the customs of the French, but not only here since they are present in a good part of Europe.

They provide us with thousands of items that the French no longer want. And they didn't stop there, since they give us access to the dressing room of sellers from different countries, and allow us to sell our items throughout Europe, whether Spain, Belgium, Holland. . etc.

With an application that is undeniably easy to use, Vinted has managed to establish itself in the hearts of the French (and their phones), even dethroning a juggernaut in the sector, LeBoncoin, gradually nibbling away at shares of market in the field of second-hand clothing.

Delivery rates which are low, particularly with a collaboration with Mondial Relay, which is located throughout France, the recipe could only work.

Ecological, economical and fun.

The approach is all the more interesting because it has an ecological, economic and fun role.

Ecological because after a mad rush to constantly produce new items, to continually present new products, we sometimes forget to wear these same clothes. The observation is there, because WHO cannot say that they have clothes in their closets worn only once or twice, and then leave them to sleep in the back of their wardrobe? A waste, right?!?

We might as well give them a second life, to exploit this product which required energy to be manufactured, like water for example to grow cotton, electricity to operate the machines which made it, diesel to be transported to the store where you purchased it.

Bring Joy and be economical . To think that it could make someone else happy, because it is still in perfect condition, if not like new. Everyone is a winner in the story. You make space in your cupboards, you earn a little money, and so does the person across the street who buys it since they are not going to pay full price for it.

This is a garment that will regain all its nobility in the eyes of its new owner.

Fun too because you will have fun selling it on an application that will help you promote it because it is really well thought out so that the description is complete, and the person in front will be able to negotiate it or not.

Oak Forest on VINTED

As Oak Forest is committed to respecting the planet, we strive to always find alternatives to reduce our ecological impact.

Even if our current manufacturing process is already focused on an existing material since cork grows naturally unlike plastic for example, which requires manufacturing and therefore the use of pollutants and energy to be manufactured, we wanted to go further . This is why we have set up a Vinted account where you can get good deals. So an approach where everyone can find their way! And yes Vinted is not only clothes, it is also accessories like handbags, wallets and other accessories.

You will find on our profile items that are collectibles, items that may have some defects since they are artisanal products, and therefore it can sometimes happen that some of the items do not meet the requirements that we place on them. those offered throughout the year on our site and therefore we decided to offer them at discounted prices on Vinted.

But why stop there? We also wanted to sell second-hand cork items, which are brought back by our customers. Cork is a very durable material. So you may simply have grown tired of a model, which will make someone else happy.

To help you in this process, we offer you a voucher on our site for any return of cork items that can be resold on our Vinted profile. Simply return your item to us via the Post Office, or directly at the events we attend throughout the year. We will make you a recovery offer so that you can treat yourself at the same time.

You can easily find our profile on Vinted at the following address:

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