Cork is a sustainable, biodegradable and recyclable plant material that does not require the cutting of trees. We only use the bark of the tree which regenerates naturally. Cork is also a Trendy, Original, Eco-Friendly , VEGAN , eco-responsible material and above all which is respectful of the planet 🌏.

Cork leather goods that are soft to the touch , light , flexible and resistant . He does not fear water . You can also clean it simply with a damp cloth and soapy water , provided you use a natural neutral soap .

Let yourself be tempted by vegetable leather because it only has advantages, and respects nature, without causing animal suffering.

Important information: The products being of natural origin and created in an artisanal manner, each of them is unique and the item received may however be slightly different in its color or details compared to the photo.

🌿Crafts produced in Portugal 🇵🇹